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As the Crow Flies

Today was a weird one, yet a calming and enjoyable one. It reminded me of the early days of speed hero; I enjoyed it. The crow apparently represents potential, both in magic and creation. Recently, they've been following me. I'm not a spiritual fellow, and have some arguments about it, but I can't shake a few things: Jokes about the number 404, and crows in my path. I'm a bit of a nut, I find it magical to...

Boner Jam Part 2: More Asbestos!

Photo dump to follow up Discoquinn's Boner Jams post. There will be some more pics, I ran into a bit of a computer issue that slowed the entire process down. [gallery] If any of the drivers are interested, large format prints can be made from any of these images for a small large fee.

Dat Wagoon

Crusing Yahoo again, like usual, solidifying my new habits. This Corona wagon pops up. Erectile dysfunction, no more.

The wave of the Futura!

I like boxy 80's cars, and to be honest, my first slide, albeit terrible, was in a Foxbody mustang.  Most people don't know that the Boxfody....err, it's even got a boxxxy name, wasn't just a mustang. There's the Fairmont Futura, Zephyr, Capri, Thunderbird, Cougar, Granada, Continental, LTD, Marquis, Mark VII. There's one missing and we'll get to that.... Not until recently did I make the connection, sure I knew it was a foxbody, but for some reason I didn't even notice that the...

Yard Work

Spent some time in the last few days getting some small things done on my car that I had been avoiding. Seat install, removing some weight, and some ghetto lowering. I don't have any long U-bolts yet, so only the front got the dump. Raking the leaves for now, and maybe I can save my pennies and pick up an appropriate Wagoon Sticker. Heck, take some time, save your pennies and grab some cool speed hero decals and apparel. Check here and here