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Out in the Streets, they call it Murder

Welcome to Jamrock. A European heavy edition of my horrible DOTS copying. Downtown/China Town Victoria is Euro heavy from Classic BMW's, to Vintage Volvo's. Seems to be the hip thing to do on the western side of Douglas street with many European specialty repair shops located all very close to each other. Hey, that van is part of an ancient European candy giving tribe. Never fear, someone cruises by in an old van and offers you a chocolate bar to get in? They are just friendly and practicing...

50 years of great.

Cueman over at QR Garage dug up this film. Check this link here to watch: 50 years Sideways  

West Coast Snow Safety

Some additional photos from the last Capital City Drift practice of the year. [gallery]

ReBadge Madness

I've covered a few of these cars on the blog form time to time, but this thread rocks a whole lot of badge mix up madness! :) One of the best threads on the internet. Click Here And yes, that is *not* a Lotus Elan, but rather a Kia Roadister.....Colin Chapman, now a grave tumbler.      

Random Japan Thing

I picked this information pamphlet up in Japan last year while visiting Mega Web The Crown Comfort is a model found all over Japan and used almost exclusively as taxi cabs. Thought some folks would enjoy the pics and information. Enjoy Read the article