Pairs upon piles of 5M's.

I can't fight it. I shouldn't fight it. I've just have a magnetism to 5M powered vehicles. Though it seems more often then not they seem to find me. My first 5m powered car was in the form of a free '81 Supra. This was a free donation from the owner, the only one in the bunch I never got to slide. More on the story of it in 'The Beginnings". This little duck is so far the only 5ME, I've owned. 81Supra The was a white automatic ghost as well, but this time, 3 years younger, and one cam more flavorful. This was another free gem of a car. Sure you could pull the seat belts through the floor, and a crack around the control arm was waiting to explode, but it seemed to hold up to all the abuse I beat it with. cressida1 Following that, I took my show on the road. And for a new crowd I pulled the same trick. This time I scored a 124,000km Cressida for a mere $300. I bought it at 9pm the night before a drift event. It managed to go through a police road check with a wide open exhaust and fake plates to make that drift day. People loved it. It too had a 5MGE, 83 was the first year of the DOHC version for the Cressida. Cressida2 This year, upon my return from upside down land, I was given an 83 Supra to play with. I played as best as I know how. Wiggling.  I kept this car a Secret for a very long time, as I was asked by a local TV station to shoot a web series called 'Speed Hero TV'. Sadly my mental illness got the worst of me and I had to give the car back. 1375160_616236021752984_409682635_n While I owned the Grey L-type above, I lucked into getting another MA60. This time a free '82 P-type. This would technically be my 3RD MA60 Supra, as the owner of this black one had actually given me a white one a few years ago for parts. I had do nated it to a friend who parted it out. This time the owner said there was major problems with the engine. He had a shop check it out and they concluded it was a major failure in the headgasket and the motor was trash. I knew better from having owned so many 5M's now, and working at the Supra shop that it wasn't the case. Still fresh back from Australia, lacking tools and money,  I tore it down, fixed a bunch of the gaskets, and found the culprit: intake manifold gasket. Someone had 100% coolant in the motor (our climate barely ever freezes here in Victoria). This aggressive coolant had eaten the intake gasket, which the cooling system runs coolant into the intake. So it looked like a head issue. With it all fixed up I called the owner to offer it back to him, repaired, free of charge. Sadly he had already found a new car. So I took it racing last weekend! DSC_0316 You can even see it fiddling about at the start and end of Justin Roberts most recent Cap D video:[youtube=] Sadly now the P-type is gone, life just isn't right for me to have a car. But we do have some Honorable mentions from my past car ownership list, like: My '76 Toyota Corona Mark 2 (MX10). It too was M series powered with a 4M carbed motor! 44   And more recently. My RA60 Convertible I owned when living in Australia. One of 40 ever made for Australia. Powered, not by an M, but by a ultra slow 21RC motor. It made the list due to it's close connections to the MA60 Supras. :) 52

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