Loss of Roots

I spent nearly 2 years with Phil, crammed in a little shop in Waterloo Ontario. Adrenaline motorsports was not only a place of business, but a home to me and my obsession with cars. I had some of the best times in my life in that little shop, hacking up cars, mushing pieces of metal together and driving them around it. It was a place of creation but also learning, as Phil took me under his wing and although we fought about it a lot, showed me the right way to do things, often the professional way to get things done. A few days ago the shop burnt down. It's being treated as arson currently and that just adds to the hurt. Adrenaline was a place of many firsts for me, and although they may not be things that excite you, they sure excited me. I was finally surrounded by the objects and ideals I dreamt of on a daily basis. I got the opportunity to build my skills as a mechanic, building fast Japanese cars, consult and direct customers towards positive goals, challenge my creative outlets and create my works of art. I learned to race cars, living and breathing speed and all the responsibilities with it. As special as the shop was to me, it wasn't my life of dedication that built it. I did not risk myself both emotionally, financially and spiritually to build it. During my time with Phil I was there to see his personal relationships go through endlessly rough times, the ever annoying collection calls, and his health waver as he tried his best to balance an obsessive compulsion to his favorite automobile with somewhat of a normal life. Trips all throughout Canada, the United states and even parts of Japan were simply for the sake of obtaining and returning parts for his and customer cars. Considered the largest inventory of Supra parts in North America, perhaps even the world, Adrenaline was a mecca for a Chassis loved globally. Most people wish they could imagine what it's like to lose your soul, but I wouldn't want to know what it's like to lose 15 years of your everyday life, and 24 years of time spent with the very first Supra that caused such a dedication: All in one night. Pictured above is an '84 Supra that Phil has had with him since he bought back in '85, destroyed and gone. Phil, I wish you the best in finding those who have wronged you, finding peace with your life, but most of all finding a direction and purpose again in life. These few words took me a few days to simply understand my feelings and manage to them into a logical sentence. I can't be there to help clean up, and it's not a good feeling. I've posted some Memories on the blog from times in the past, here are small portion of my memories relating to the shop and the man I call 'My Boss'. I'm just glad your okay. Where I wor.... 2009 wow Scrap Skunworks Peter Ugly Pan DIL1 DIL2 DIL3 What I'm proud of About the people I've always wanted to Automotive Mullet Red Neck Supras, Corollas Killer Bee ATWT1 ATWT2 Snow Safety Snow Safety 2 Loose Ends

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  • I was there yesterday, its really sad to see all that stuff gone.
    I’ve had many great times there and Phil has helped me countless times.
    Any kind of help you can offer, Phil will appreciate it.

    Going back there soon to move some more garbage and to clean up.

    • Nelu
  • This sucks ass. Best of luck.

    • Warren (not UK)
  • Great post for an immense loss to Phil, Quinn and the automotive community as a whole.

    • zombievrobot
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