Fill er`up!

At this point I`m ready to ziptie some flares on and pretend the rust doesn`t actually exist. That being said, bodywork is messy fun. Where it was... Ewwwwww.... Where it is... There`s still some sanding to do but I`m just about ready to prime the bad side of this car. The drivers side has some rust but it`s all minor and easy to fix, potentially no filler lol. Once the passenger side is done, I`m laughing. Then all that needs to be done is... remove sand deadening, fix holes at the rear strut towers and the small hole in the spare tire well, find a seat, mount the seat, find the engine, tranny, rear end etc. decide on a paint colour etc. Bah, I`m practically done already. Big Dorikaze meet tomorrow night and West Coast DMCC action on Saturday. I`ll keep you posted.

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  • fawk i hate rust , keep up the good work.

    • nametaken