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Box Trot

Der Kombiwagen ist schön! Wasting my time looking at pictures of cars I came across something that caught my attention, and the reason it caught my attention was it's on my list of things to build, and boy is it disappointing to find there's a factory version of a custom idea you've got. My mind instantly concluded it was a photoshop, not real, never made them, still room to be the first. I was wrong, my German is none existent, but I believe it is a factory prototype. It appears to have a similar kit to that of the 325ix, perhaps this one was based on the 30f/70r awd split IX platform?


  • Anonymous

    There was a dude bombing around in victoria with one 6 years ago. They are rare but not unheard of. Like those jeep cherokee pickups, or the VW rabbit pickups.

  • Mr. The Cat

    WHAT?!?!? how did i miss this. That’s crazy, I love it!

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