10 Reason Mk3 Supras are Garbage.

Actually, let's be honest here, they are most likely the worst Toyota ever built. These are my top 10 reasons for hating the mk3 supra. How do I know them so well? I worked on them for nearly 2 years, I drove both RHD and LHD mk3's with all sorts of different engines, stock and modified. I've spent a lot of time wrenching on them, and man do they suck badly.  Let's begin: 10. Racing History:  Let's be honest, there's really nothing special here, Bjorn Waldergard won one event with the MK3 supra in a Beijing Rally, and a few British fellows ran it in BTCC for a while. No real pedigree here. 9. Steering Angle:  This is straight up a joke, it can't be real, no way it's even considered safe or functional to have so little steering lock for daily use. You think I'm kidding, but that's full lock below. 8. Weight: This really should be the #1 reason why there's no point in driving an mk3 Supra for any sort of 'sporting' purposes. What's that? you've never known what the weight of a mk3 supra was? Pictured below is a vehicle that weighs nearly identical, and actually produces more power. (Note: 3800lbs, that's right, the CK short bed, short cab, not only weighed 3800lbs, but it actually produced 230hp and 300ft/lb of torque. Although the 1JZ variant is comparable) 7. Aftermarket Styling: Yes it's a slick looking exterior, simply put, it's the only selling point of the car. However, the aftermarket stuff? yeah, look below... 6.Targa Top:  So you have an oval, pretty strong shape, egg's are 3d ovals and resist deformation pretty well. Then you cut a huge chunk out of it. Now you've got an easily crushable "C" shape. Thus is the Targa roof. How bad is it for chassis flex? Toyota actually had high grade, long threaded allen bolts to hold it square when in. When out, people started putting in targa supports to help reduce the horrible flex. 5. Steering Stablizer:  The whole Geometry of the MK3 Supra suspension is fucked, and to help reduce bump steer, and ultimately any sort of driver feedback that's left after the hefty power steering, was a shock, bolted to the steering rack to help reduce...something. Road feel mostly, or resist the horrible bumper steer associated with #4. This Stablizer, much like the Cressidas (Although they had different front suspensions and shared the rear) resists and sometimes completely removes the affects of caster during cornering. It reduces the speed of turn by adding a dramatic amount of resistance. 4.Suspension Dynamics: These are just plain FUCKED. For some reason, Toyota decided that going from a single lower control arm McPherson strut setup, that had proven extremely well in the Corolla's, Celica's, and Celica Supras of the past, had to go, and in place a needlessly complex, and albeit poorly designed multi-link/double wishbone setup in it's place. You want to know how bad it is? Camber actually becomes positive on compression and negative on extension. Seriously look vvv. 3. Cock Riders: This isn't about the owners. The amount of people floating around the internet praising the mk3, simply because of it's loose relation to that of an mk4 Supra most of them having never owned a Supra in their lives. Although this makes me curious of the dynamic of buying and polishing a turd. 2. 7M/1G: Pretty weak sauce. So you buy a 3800lb driveway ornament and want to go fast. In North America, your faced with the 7M, and Japan, luckily enough got the 1jz, however, they too got the 7M and even worse, the 1G. Every other M series engine was decent, the 7M screwed that right up. It's head design is the fault. People will tell you it was a bad factory gasket, or under torqued bolts. However, even with those factors coverd, the real core of the issue was a bad head design. Getting past the common, and often debilitating issue of 7m's blowing gaskets (try pushing that thing!) The power of a 7m is a joke. Remember that Toyota publishes not the wheel horse power, but the crank. By the time that inline 6 delivers it's 200hp N/a to the rear, it's about 160hp, got a turbo? Roughly 190hp. Brutal for that amount of weight, but look out! There's even a worse motor: the 1GGTE. Although not plagued with head gasket failures and people thinking they can build the ultimate 7m, only to fail like the next guy, the 1ggte had it's own issues, spinning bearings, and well, being 2 liters! Such a tiny inline 6, and it needed twin turbo's just to make the 210hp. Unless your supra screwed and end up with an n/a 1GGE at 150hp. And the Number 1 reason MK3 supra's are garbage! *Drum Roll* . . . . . . . . . 1.  Burgandy:

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  • This posters a fuck bag. He is correct on some of the points but im sorry that DOES NOT MAKE IT A PIECE OF SHIT CAR. Like cmon…

    • Anonymous
  • Wow! Wow! I have read alot of pros and cons to the supra…..so to the guy who posted 10 reasons the supra is garbage, buddy u need to check your books again, and go back over your work, as a car enthusiast i do my work and books, yes its heavy but have you really operated a supra, have you got in one and opened it up, have u took a tuen at 80, have u drifted one… nah i dont think so, you turned a few wrenches to make u look good, careful what you say because the very ones you going on about the supra could be the very ones that turns wrenches with you. BECAREFUL BUDDY.

    • Eugene
  • The Mk4 has never and will never look as good as the MK3… It’s a turtle car.. too round and soft. Uninspiring design.

    • Peter
  • This cunt is FUCKED lol.. Clearly like a little pre-pubescent child… The Toyota Supra was the FIRST Japanese sports car to win the Bathurst 12hr race. 1500km’s plus covered.. so you think the engine is unreliable? It’s his attitude that is unreliable.

    The Supra MK3 is the reason why the Nissan R32 GTR was ever even produced. Throughout the 80s Toyota was dominating motorsport. So step outside of your little egshell and do some research into Australian motorsport racing, and watch even some BMI (Tsychiya) himself called the car Drift King. But maybe Best Motoring International might be a little too harsh of a reality for you realise you’re spitting utter verbal diorrhea. On all the BMI series, nothing could catch the 7M powered Supra until he GTR came out. You think the car is heavy? Do you know how much an R35 GTR weighs? Do you know much a Buggatti Veyron weighs? Well north of 2200KG. You sir are simply an idiot. What gave way to the 2JZ engine you idiot? The 1J! So STFU if you don’t know what you’re going on about… Stupid fool.

    • Victor
  • You know absolutely nothing about cars. The bump steer – steering damper relationship you come up with proves your complete and total lack of knowledge about kinematics and dynamics.

    • jc