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I've been meaning to make this post for a long time. Lately I've been having trouble sharing my ideas, but who cares: here's one. I've got a beef to pick. I want to be a car designer, I've longed for this career since being a tiny child. My beef, paid for Tuesday, gladly - is with most modern FWD cars. There's a common mis-proportion that is seriously unacceptable, turning probably very nice sketches into the ugly girls that make the pretty ones look prettier. I guess they serve a purpose in that sense, but a little plastic surgery wouldn't hurt...

FT-86 by DiscoQuinn

I saw the return of the AE86 in that RS200, but they never sold that over here. Bombed around in an IS300 and it's fairly nimble and straight forward. The big thing that bothers me about new cars is the fact that there is no options anymore. Nothing is optional, can't customize your ride from factory, and by that I mean.....everything is standard. There's no crank windows, radio delete panels, hand adjustable seats, non-tilt columns etc.

10 Reason Mk3 Supras are Garbage.

Actually, let's be honest here, they are most likely the worst Toyota ever built. These are my top 10 reasons for hating the mk3 supra. How do I know them so well? I worked on them for nearly 2 years, I drove both RHD and LHD mk3's with all sorts of different engines, stock and modified. I've spent a lot of time wrenching on them, and man do they suck badly.  Let's begin: 10. Racing History:  Let's be honest, there's really nothing special here, Bjorn Waldergard won...