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We fear the darkness, for it hides what we can't see. 

That's a pretty dark opening statement, but it's true the darkness holds things we can't see. Cars at this moment in history rule the world. The idea spread like wild fire in the 1890s as the printing press distributed ideas globally like never before. These technical journals of spreading rumors of people creating horseless carriages with steam, internal combustion, and electric motors suddenly felt relatable.

These writings sparked the technically elite that it was the moment in history where this fictional prediction of the future was...

Logic of Vision

As a reader you might be sick of hearing about it; my distaste for the vision available in new vehicles. I continue to feel strong about this topic. It's recently rehashed with my new career as a professional driving instructor.

You'll notice I barely move my hands, feet or body around, but my eyes and head is moving constantly! Driving is all about vision, I use my eyes to make safe driving decisions."
This is a quote from actual lessons with students. These young, fresh, road scholars sponge up information, excited for the opportunity to...