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Hanging With Mr.Quinn

We did some sports things on a hunk of crap Corolla. One junk motor for another. Conner the film guy.  


Speed Hero Manga

Home from work with excessive depression, I was just being angry in photoshop when this poured out of me. Full gallery here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/48368366@N02/sets/72157642875429035/


This pomme de terre came to me recently. I'm trying to do something with it. I'm not bright. _MG_0004 Let's just keep count here. I believe this is #24. I've now owned, 24 corollas. I wouldn't consider this much of a Corolla, but it technically counts, since I write my own rules.

This began when a long line of moons aligned on some planet being pelted by lucky asteroids. My old Lemonade Wagon recently began a new motor swap from the old 12A...

Interacting with the world.

This is a video of stuff, mushed together. [youtube=http://youtu.be/pwj1YvBFbtI]

FIY13SHVABTB: Yes, it happened.

What did you do with your 3 years in Victoria Quinn? Three years ago I acquired a wagon, pre-sold on my behalf by friends of the province I was leaving for my arrival in a new side of the country. This $50 wagon began it's life on epic terms, with a certain doom of epic-ness. Over the next three years the car would evolve using literally scrap junk people rejected as unusable condition goods. No matter the situation the car stood in the way of it's own progress, a struggle and fight to assemble and make function. It's very first outing on...