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3 Generations

Suzuki has built some pretty Badass Pike's Peak cars over the years. From the Early days of their twin engine, 4wd Cultus. (Metro/Firefly/Swift). Followed by their most famous variation of the Escudo (Tracker/Sidekick/Sunrunner) To their most recent, XL7.  All Radical. Seriously, click that. And if your new to Pikes peaks footage, then know your roots. Want to know more about...

Living as a Cartoon

Watching movies, Tv, reading comics, books etc, often have references to cars but written by people who just don't know them. Sometimes these interpretations are overly simplistic, disproportioned, childish. These visions are just observations in passing, corner of your eye views of what a car really is, or more specifically, what a car 'generally' is. These interpretations tend to be caricatures of automobiles whether they were intended to be or not. Some of them are accidentally far fetched,...


So your a gangster, born and raised. Hard as nails and all that jazz. Also that has nothing to do with the fact I'm sitting in my underwear, watching 'The Cat Returns' with Robin and the dog while browsing Yahoo Auctions.  With cheers of "that's Awesome!" at the Suzuki Mighty Boys, I moved on to the Alto works, and eventually to the Alto's where I found this little gem. Looks pretty unassuming, and really, it is. 660cc turbo, front wheel drive, auto. Standard practice in the kei world....

Good Morning Cappuccino

Those just waking up on the west coast. Here's some Cappuccino.

Player set to Random.

Part 1 of a random series of cars found on, or near the road in Japan.