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SHDP, Day 9, Nov 6th

These posts are just so you can see the kinds of things I look at in an average day. It's not actually for you, but you do get the benefit or at minimal the understanding of my journey of knowledge and discovery. Even this sentence isn't for you, but a reminder for myself to explore, even well tread ground. I don't have to break new discoveries, but just learn new things for me. Today's adventure starts with a bit of a information roulette. I closed my eyes and asks myself, what is the first car that comes to mind. I...

Safety Driving Session #2

Phil and I started up at the shop around 8pm, Just him and I sliding around. Phil sucks at Manjiing though. :D However, I suck at Curbs. "Pfft, I know this lot like the back of my hand, even...

Speed Hero Snow Drift Safety Session1

So this was a tester event to get people to learn the skills it takes to be a good driver in the snow! Lessons and instructions went well, and everyone had a safe, fun time. Honestly; James had come back East from Victoria and I wanted to show him a good time last night. I hadn't seen my fellow Speed Hero in months and it was important we do something car related, and Quinn Styled as I think it's what he misses most.

Player set to Random.

Part 1 of a random series of cars found on, or near the road in Japan.