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Awareness 2

  So, you read that novel of basic vehicle dynamics with regards to handling and consideration with active driving technique? No? You better read that first before diving into this one. I'm not sure what this one is about, I guess I'll tell you at the end. These are written as a conscious stream, a flow of thoughts and ideas typed out for digestion. Last time we covered the idea of tire awareness; being able to observe, understand and dissect the actions of a vehicles tire...

For Sale: Flat Face Nardi

I figure it can't hurt to put my wheel up on here. It's a black Nardi with red stiching and little to no dish. It shows almost no wear and is pretty much as minty as it was when I carried it with me from Japan. I'm pretty sure it's a 350mm. No idea what the flat face is worth so I'll start at $150 Feel free to contact me here or at dcptcon@hotmail.