SHDP Day 12, Nov 13

Another day, no research, but I did express an idea that was stuck in my brain. Again, click for bigger if you want.

SHDP Day 12

Having trouble focusing on writing posts, but I needed to get this wheel design out of my brain today. Feel free to click for a bigger image.

SHDP Day 11, Nov 10th

Everyone has their kinks. Mine is a bit unusual, and to be honest, if I was rich enough I'd invite cute babes to come out my special room. That room would be filled with 3 Wheeled trucks from around the world.  Pictured above is the Bremach MB1, a combination of combinations. Originally Aeronautica Macchi, a war plane and oddly scooter manufacturer as well. The company changed hands a few times. During this process someone decided to make a truck out of scooter and plane parts. Thus the MB1 was born. If you're...

SHDP Day 10, Nov 8th

Yesterday while gobbling noodles with my pal Joel at Platform Garage, we were talking about knocking on peoples doors to talk to strangers about their cars. I recalled a story about a Peugeot 505 James talked me out of buying. Joel had no idea what a Peugeot 505 was. Later that evening I spotted one at the local grocery store, and texted him some pics. So let's start there today! The peugeot 505 was a front engined, rear wheel drive Peugeot designed to replace the road calming Peugeot 504. A well executed...

SHDP, Day 9, Nov 6th

These posts are just so you can see the kinds of things I look at in an average day. It's not actually for you, but you do get the benefit or at minimal the understanding of my journey of knowledge and discovery. Even this sentence isn't for you, but a reminder for myself to explore, even well tread ground. I don't have to break new discoveries, but just learn new things for me. Today's adventure starts with a bit of a information roulette. I closed my eyes and asks myself, what is the first car that comes to mind. I...