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Boner Jam Part 2: More Asbestos!

Photo dump to follow up Discoquinn's Boner Jams post. There will be some more pics, I ran into a bit of a computer issue that slowed the entire process down. [gallery] If any of the drivers are interested, large format prints can be made from any of these images for a small large fee.

D is for Destruction

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo6KvMiRJiQ&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0] A short video showing what wiped out the top two competitors of the event. May not be suitable for younger viewers.

Schroeder is a Beast!

You can always count on Adrian Smith to fill those lonely driftless nights. Following his Chris Scremin and Kohei Nakamura videos, Pete Schroeder is the newest member to get immortalized in video form. The video is wicked and Pete Schroeder is rad as shit.

This is the West Coast.

Slippery when wet, screamy when dry? Ewww...

Neptune Drift has dropped another serious video covering DMCC round 4 in Edmonton.


For the love of drift.

Capital Drift round 5 is over and done with but was one of the most intense events so far. This will just be a prologue of the post to come. I didn't realize I could get as sick as I am right now. The battles between Matt Tregear and Grant "G penny" Koziur were intense and seeing the impeccable Duane Dickinson go door to door with G penny made it a night to remember. Pete Schroeder's car got a face life thanks to the folks at OZ Designs and looked spectacular. Keep an eye on the OZ Designs/Neptune D folks,...