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I'm Just Going to Leave these Lying Here...

Speed Hero does not condone Photohop abuse...sometimes it just happens. You may recognize the white E70 belonging to frequent commenter and deviant Warren (not UK), not to mention the rotting banana wagon. Real posts are on there way.

Capital CITY Drift, Round the Second!

It would seem that after some serious staff changes and some organizational adjustments, Capital Drift will now be known as Capital City Drift. Don't be alarmed, it's still the home of drifting on Vancouver Island. Read the article

Speaking of Dump

I don't know what to say. I'd apologize to the owner but they did it to themselves. The moulded in "Invader Style" body kit is a throwback that needs to be thrown back. Maybe it was done ironically...No?...ewwwwwww.

When There's No More Room in Hell

I remember when it all began. With one final squeal and a death rattle it settled into what was sure to be it's final resting place. You'll have to excuse the pictures you've seen before...or not. After some embalming and gussying up, it was ready for viewing. Little did I know it would roar back to life and go on a tire throwing,...