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Yeah I don't know why this happened. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0Kt-wfO2hA&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

1984 Murder Spree

Continuing the scooter rescue, I had picked up this 1984 Honda Spree for free from Nanaimo. It was in severely rough shape, having not followed the recommened "Not for offroad use" sticker posted below the gauge cluster. Another sticker posted on these scooters is the tune of "Don't modify, you'll just make it slower." And it's the truth, for those of you just getting into scooters or other 2 stroke engines, there is a difference in your approach to modifying a 2 stroke versus a 4 stroke. Yes, it's true, the more an engine breathes, the better the performance, however...

Murder Sprees and Black Betty's & other bits

Here's just some random stuff from lately. I managed to score a whore of a scooter. This started as someones mom's scooter, then their sons, then their friends, another friends, lent and returned from another friend, then spent some time in a storage unit. 1984 Honda Spree, in the Canadian only 'Vista Blue'. It's a Heap. #1 lesson in scooters is DONT REMOVE THE AIR BOX. The tiny little 2 strokes don't do well as the carbs are purposely oversized and need the restriction the air box gives to run and idle properly. It does not make them faster to...