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SHDP Day 13, Dec 4th

Okay, so it's going to be a bit messy today.....We've got some of Brazil again, but also mini-skirts and Japan..... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]PAG Nick, built by Dacon of Brazil PAG Nick, built by Dacon of Brazil[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Dacon Dealership Dacon Dealership[/caption]   Dacon was a VW dealer in Sao Paulo. That decided, like many legally locked Brazilians, to build their own version of vehicles that were not allowed for import in Brazil. Dacon added a bit of a twist though, these were to specifically be urban...

Murder Sprees and Black Betty's & other bits

Here's just some random stuff from lately. I managed to score a whore of a scooter. This started as someones mom's scooter, then their sons, then their friends, another friends, lent and returned from another friend, then spent some time in a storage unit. 1984 Honda Spree, in the Canadian only 'Vista Blue'. It's a Heap. #1 lesson in scooters is DONT REMOVE THE AIR BOX. The tiny little 2 strokes don't do well as the carbs are purposely oversized and need the restriction the air box gives to run and idle properly. It does not make them faster to...

Some how, we missed it.

I'm not sure how we missed it. Decades of promises of futuristic cars, promised later, sometimes promised now. Atomic 50's American dreams of the future of Jet Set motoring, flashy shapes, classy speed, glamorous. We missed it. You did too, you're just as much to blame as me, though I couldn't afford it persay, but at only $18,000 brand new, it wasn't out of the reach of most of the modern world. You could've afforded one, with a warranty, I'm guessing, it's most likely to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how we missed it; the worlds most realistic-futuristic car....

Study the Bible of oldskool style.

Check these oldskool Temple racing videos that came up in my video recommendations! ste-s-4 vids down heeya YouTube is finally understanding me