Revolving lives.

Seems James and I's life revolves around the local drift scene. Tons of posts regarding things surrounding the last event! Thanks to Justin Robert for this awesome video! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR_6rp1jU5c]

Local Flava

Thanks to Justin Robert from Capital Drift for this rad video!

Rain Rain Drift Sun Rain Drift Wind Sign Drift Rain Rain Rain Cold Soaker Drift

There was drifting. I enjoyed it. Here are some photo's of drifting. Thanks to Robin, Justin, Derek and Acacia for the donations and submissions. Read the article

Inspiration #2 Rotary edition

Earl's truck is the most badass thing ever, seriously. It seems he and I draw inspiration from the same sources at times, since he's got his shit done and flashing cash all over the breast coast, he's become a hero of mine for being an anti-hero. Streeto Maximum and all that jazz. earltrux rotarolla Another inspiration of mine is Dmac's awesome lightweight corolla. Seriously, 1600lbs is more ballin' than anyone can imagine. The ability to utilize the little horsepower out of...