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The 4 Parts of a Drift

The 4 Parts of a Drift

When teaching drifting I often have to simplify the communication to get ideas across efficiently. When talking to someone who's learning to drift for the first time I like to introduce the timeline of a drift: The 4 parts of a drift. This way, when a student and I debrief a drift we can find what parts went well and which need improvement using some standardized logic and language.

This is a poster I've created for free release for others who are learning or want to improve, or even help them teach others.


No, You didn't miss Pumpkin Smash!

No, You didn't miss Pumpkin Smash!

Thought you missed this years Capital Drift Pumpkin Smash? Nah, we got you boo.

Check out these awesome creators who put up some great media!

Miss Creature, posted her VR FPV drone footage!

Miss Creature Video!
Find more from Miss Creature on her webstore! Miss Creature

 My old roommate, and thew casual king of the cool send, Steven Cayer posted up his recent vlog of the event. His car broke on day 1, so he spent the time filming others having fun instead!

Fackin Shteve Video!
You can see more of Fackin Shteve on his channel: Fackin...

SpeedHero does the UK.

SpeedHero does the UK.

First off, I didn't see Big Ben, the London Bridge, though I did catch a glimpse of the Royal Palace from the plane. My time was spent working with Andy, the owner of Learn2Drift UK.

Two and half weeks, this was the time I would spend with the team at L2D. Located near Milton Keynes, about an hour North of London. It seems so far that many drift schools are different, in the way they function and for what clients they cater. The commonality of these schools, isn't their approach but their desire to...

SpeedHero Racing school: Our first and second semi-official track day!

Let's pickup where we left off...where were we....right! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Digging around in the engine bay I found both of these. Jammed into the engine mounts. It looks like someone kept dropping and replacing their oil caps. lol I don't know how many years this car was carrying around 3 different oil caps.[/caption] Put a new distributor O-ring in today. It's been many years since I actually timed a vehicle myself. Don't worry, I can design 3 piece wheels to near exact manufacturing requirements, but timing an old carb'd car isn't common...

Flagship UCF10

Dugan contacted me. "Hey Quinn, I'm getting another car, do you want my LS400?" Yes. Simply Yes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"]https://farm1.staticflickr.com/516/20252614781_c02b7c51f5_o.jpg Thanks to www.trevorball.com for some of the snaps in this post![/caption]   Faith and I hopped in her truck and headed up island to Courtney. A few hours later we arrived to find a Dug and a lovely lexus. After a few instructions we were back on the road coming back to Vic. The grinding was the brakes. No pad left on the front right! After the drive Faith commented "I don't...