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Summer Spent Sliding

Just a really good video from the guys at Drift Safari [vimeo 15307446]

The Capital D Climax

Capital D molested Western Speedway once again for the final event of the season. S13's were assaulted, hachi rokus were slapped like insolent children. There were fairys, pirates and a banana involved as well as all the extras from the Breakfast Club. Nakamura looking to bury his treasure. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The triumvirate of power...

Driftmania followed a deep driftdepression

My jaunt to DMCC at Western Speedway started much like the rest of the drift events, at the crack of dawn walking a ridiculous distance. What the hell kind of word is jaunt? The big disappointment of the day was not seeing the Toyo/Cannonball R34 run. Apparently it blew an oil pump and was under heavy repair the rest of the event. Read the article

Capital Drift Round 4

I headed out to Capital Drift round 4 at Western Speedway July 10. The turnout was small, the action was not. If you weren't there then you should know that you are killing drifting. Tires as smooth as the car that assasinated them Drift Safari had some serious representation in the forum of not one but two SR20 powered 86's. Trent Stromkins was out in his newly (very newly) completed 86 after he ended up painting a track wall with his last...