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How to Save GM, Seriously.

Look, it's been a while since I did some sort of editorial. The mood hasn't struck me in a long time, but sitting in bed this morning I was reminded about a debate I've been having with myself. It's really very simple, Hyundai failed, and GM needs to jump in, Toyota doesn't get it and probably never will, and no one else is even playing in the field.  Over thinking it, has been a common theme for car companies and American buyers, by that I mean North Americans....

Wagon, out and about.

Lock your doors.

Camry Wagons, and other neat little Camry stuff.

Everyone should be AWARE of Camry....Camri? I've had them on my mind lately... I don't think it's anything important, but I'm a bit of a freak. I sit and toil most of the day, often with no budget (both variations of that ideal). To be honest, I've really been lost in the whole concept that a car is really just 4 wheels, some sort of steering and propulsion, but the 4 wheels is really just an approximation. To be completely honest, the reality is that a chassis is...

Yard Work

Spent some time in the last few days getting some small things done on my car that I had been avoiding. Seat install, removing some weight, and some ghetto lowering. I don't have any long U-bolts yet, so only the front got the dump. Raking the leaves for now, and maybe I can save my pennies and pick up an appropriate Wagoon Sticker. Heck, take some time, save your pennies and grab some cool speed hero decals and apparel. Check here and here

Toga Party

With very few robes involved, we did do the drift party in the rain, sun and darkness. I'll admit James has surpassed me in awesome phototry. I tried my best, got some shots, as it was very different not being invovled in running the event, the Saratoga speedway event held by BentMafk was a success. The whole day went pretty smoothly, the only issue I had with the whole thing had nothing to do with the event, but rather the competitors. Being a long distance many...