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Consider the following

You suddenly find yourself, lost in the market of choices for automobiles. You need a Drifto Magic Carpet Whip pretty much as soon as now. Where do you go? All your Option 2 heros cars are played out, filled with hip-young-YOLO kids and you can't get a brake on a nice granny getter import for the sake of your existence! So what do you want? -Mad Sick Torque, your going to swap the engine anyways. -Rear Driven Wheelies. -Tons of aftermarket support, chilling on the shelf at...

The Continues

I realized I hadn't done a follow up to "The Beginnings", so here's a small catch up to current. I'm not living in a trailer on the side of a mountain about 15 minutes North of Victoria, British Columbia, and there has been a fair number of cars since getting here! But we'll pick up where we left off in the beginnings post. Treat this as part 2, if you haven't read #1, click the link above first. The next car was an 1985 FB RX7 GSL. There's a big story and write up with it: HERE.