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Cone Killers Anonymous

Valentines day is a day for squealing tires and eating cones, well...if you're doing it right. Victoria Motorsport Club held it's second winter event this past weekend. The turn out was massive and the impressive organization kept everything running like clockwork, insurance voiding clockwork. The immense crowd is broken into two groups. It's arbitrary but as one group races the other monitors the corners and recovers cone casualties. For those interested in learning, they also offer a club car for rent. Thrash someone elses EG Civic...

Fuck Year!

Very few things in life excite me anymore. I live in a mentally ill depression most of the time, though I'm visually a perky fellow, I'm very much confused and lost on the inside. Everyonce in a while something comes along that really excites me, much like the DriftWorks 3 Video did when I first saw it, this video below makes me happy in my middles. Click to enjoy.

The Beginnings

The beginnings of car adventures for DQ and Speed Hero.