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Take it NZ

Man, I fucking hate that song. Shit beat Corollas, a Cefiro pickup and an S14 with positive camber. Good video from the infamous New Zealand manji pad. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuS4GsnW86s]

Japan, the ride, the sequel.

While at the Tsukuba Hyper Meeting Alexi let us know that he was leaving early to check out an RB meet at Nikko circuit. We were invited along and excitedly accepted of course. Tsukuba was a lot of fun but nothing prepared us for the overwhelming nature of Nikko. It's an unassuming track hidden away from the world and surrounded by the hills of what looks to be an old quarry site. You take a rough road off the highway and follow it through a single lane concrete tunnel, once through the tunnel you're met with screeching tires and the...