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No One had a Good time

Because I wasn't there, obviously. Everyone was mad, had diarrhea and wished they were at home playing Sega. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Darryl is feeling a bit Downey after walltapping and having his bumper stay on."][/caption]

Thanks you Shandy Sanderson for taking some snaps of the event for me, while I was away, cowering in my turtle shell.

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Party Potato, CCD 2011 begins

All those who believe in the potato had a great time, so everyone had a good time. Party Potato blessed us all with his spiritual presence, shining down on all of us with his many great eyes. His cape waved in the wind that day, but who's to say he even has a cape. Sure there were some incidents, but those who hit are sure to find Party Potato was there to protect them. Matt, your car will be fine, just get those fenders off, I'm curious if the alignment was even out. The potato brought sun and warm winds. All Hail...

West Coast Snow Safety

Some additional photos from the last Capital City Drift practice of the year. [gallery]

Slip n Slush

Snow, something I'm familiar with. Yesterday was a blast, and like usual, some had fun and others not so much. Matsuri rules applied more so than usual as some of the locals didn't seem quite used to the lack of traction provided by the white slush below them.  There were some crashes balanced out by the awesome provided by others. Bangin' and grinding, a few explosions as well. The pictures really give the story.   [gallery columns="2" orderby="title"]

Living Vicariously Through Wall Taps.

Some follow up pics of Sundays drift day. Great day, high spirits and the return of the Zombi in the hands of someone more capable. [gallery]