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Toga Party

With very few robes involved, we did do the drift party in the rain, sun and darkness. I'll admit James has surpassed me in awesome phototry. I tried my best, got some shots, as it was very different not being invovled in running the event, the Saratoga speedway event held by BentMafk was a success. The whole day went pretty smoothly, the only issue I had with the whole thing had nothing to do with the event, but rather the competitors. Being a long distance many...

CCD, the power of the internet.

Along time ago I complained endlessly that finding information and media from events I went to was a pain in the ass. Welp, no longer. This last CCD event was more than well covered, hell, just by the islanders! Here's some Video's from the guys at BentMafk 1.




As well as some video from our own Justin Roberts! 1.


Look What I Found in the Pudding.

The proof.

Footage from the last Capital Drift event, courtesy of Dugwillis once again.

Hunting Season Has Begun

Cap D's second season has officially opened. Walls were kissed, cars were mangled and glory was obtained. There are photos to edit and traumas to relive so stay tuned over the next day or two. For now, enjoy the bloopers. Bentmafk indeed. Chris Vriend was collecting battle scars throughout the evening. The man is curb-hopping, wall-tapping, disco-dancing machine. Read the article