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The Continues

I realized I hadn't done a follow up to "The Beginnings", so here's a small catch up to current. I'm not living in a trailer on the side of a mountain about 15 minutes North of Victoria, British Columbia, and there has been a fair number of cars since getting here! But we'll pick up where we left off in the beginnings post. Treat this as part 2, if you haven't read #1, click the link above first. The next car was an 1985 FB RX7 GSL. There's a big story and write up with it: HERE.


Seems I was put on this earth by what ever god you believe or disbelieve in, to accentuate and educate others on the possibilities of alternative living. I'm no Cobain, but rather a car enthusiast with no money. Insert the latest acquisition: a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. I've received plenty of free cars in my life and this is another to the list. Changes in my life have occurred over the last year and I'm trying my VERY best to stick with ONE car, since my project...