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It just sort of happened?

Temporary Success.

So, story goes: I move across the continent with nearly no money and a car full of tools. Dorikaze's Gordo (ed) provides me with a shell of a wagon for $50. With my hands and my wits. It has come together and driven from the spot it was parked. I hope it continues to do so. It's alive, it moves under it's own power and I somehow installed my clutch backwards, but it works sort of. lol Read the article

Urine Trouble

It runs. Nothing can be said about longevity at this point but the 4ag block, 4ac head, re-used/re-drilled head gasket starts, runs and revs. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZQbHnJbsJ8]

Now For Something We Hope You'll Really Like.

I didn't have much to say about Cap D and no pictures of my own. I ended up overwhelmed with the excitement of flogging my own slag all over the track. First thing everyone needs to do is take a look of the amazing photos coming from Val Melnik The weather ran the gammut from hurrican winds and driving rain to gorgeous, track drying sun. The turn out was immense which made for long waits between runs but a lot different skill levels just out to have fun....

Rain Rain Drift Sun Rain Drift Wind Sign Drift Rain Rain Rain Cold Soaker Drift

There was drifting. I enjoyed it. Here are some photo's of drifting. Thanks to Robin, Justin, Derek and Acacia for the donations and submissions. Read the article