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Yeah, so I dicked up the first article. This one will be a little bit better, but still needs improvement to be perfect. On a whim while building my scooter I asked Joel; "How many body styles of the E7 are there actually?" "I unno," he muttered back. Having reviewed my original E7 article long ago, I realized it was crappy, like all the other things I post. I spent a few hours collecting photos, to help build a better article than before. For those of you in the know, the "E" in the...

E7 Love, more more more! You almost make me forget about Tacos.

So, Rolla club? Pretty big. Rolla club roll call? Every page: worth it. Click here for epic E7 love. Teaser, fuck year. For those of you who are slow, that's a Super charger off a 4AGZE crammed on a 4KC motor. SWEET. Mre about e7's, Here and Here

Wagon, out and about.

Lock your doors.

How could I forget?!

The E7 loves continue with a lapse in my memory. How could one forget the wicked Griffith built E7 Corolla convertible! What most people don't know is that almost all convertibles made start their lives out as hardtops. Toyota and most other manufacturers do not built the convertibles in house but rather send them to 'coach' builders. The hardtop car shows up at companies such as American Sunroof Corperation, Griffith, etc, and they just hack the roof off, add some chassis braces and start bolting and gluing shit together. It's standard practice! Want to see more old Japanese coach built...

♥ E7

So you love your E7 Corolla do ya? Let's go through some basics with them! So what the hell does E7 mean anyway? Well, many of you awesome fanboys out there understand that the AE86 is a RWD corolla sold by Toyota, also known as Sprinter Trueno or Levin. I'm sure most of you know that those letters and numbers are the code for the frame of the car and actually have a specific meaning! A: Stands for the series of engine the car came with. In...