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Local Speed Heros: Dan

Legend has it, that when he came from Prince Edwards private island, that he brought the curse of the crab with him. Although legend also has it that he does not taste good with butter...something something potatoes. If Dan is the book I think I'm reading, then I really can't place a stereotype on his personality. I guess it's much like his car: Ratsun. The parallels are strikingly similar. Endless amounts of innocent inside jokes, and it takes a person who's got the right attitude about life to really get it,...


I don't have much to say about this event other than I simply need to participate more. See you guys on BC day. Drifting and show n' Shine! www.capitaldrift.ca [gallery columns="4" orderby="rand"]


(4:23:48 PM) Hashiriya: all s14s crash. always. right? (4:24:07 PM) Hashiriya: so, would I have better odds of not crashing an s14 if it has already crashed at some point prior in time? (4:24:43 PM) Quinn: hmm, the simple answer is...