Son of B.C. Day Coast Drift takes Manhattan

I'm not feeling very wordy but I realized how few of the photos I had posted from the B.C. Day event at Western Speedway. Time to fix that. I swear I took pictures of other cars too. I swear. I can't help it, I really like Toyotas. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Lock!  Next stop, Spintown. Reo Baird Has anyone seen my cat?

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  • cool, you managed to get a shot of me drifting, thats rare.

    • dug
  • haha thanks guys, i really appreciate the shots and the mad love. i’m glad there’s others out there that like corolla’s rediculous and dirty. the shot of my bucket seat is really cool too. do you think i could have the original file of me and tregear tandeming and me in the lead? i need to blow that up and make a poster for my room. you’d make my summer =)

    • do-boy
  • I cream so creamy all over the do-boys mad ride.

    • discoquinn
  • I even see some smoke.

    • zombievrobot