Another dead car blog in your blog roll out. Glory days? Those of you close to me, are aware that post counts soar when I'm doing well in life. Post counts drop the worse things are going, and as of late I haven't been posting at all. This blog, this free account on some random website, a big blank white box to input characters in, has provided me with a surprising amount of entertainment. This outlet has gained an international readership, but also helped build some strong ties in my local community. There are people that follow and read along, comment and contribute feedback, it's amazing that the odd person here and there glances at it, let alone a large number of people both near and far. I must come out and apologize for the lack of posts, yes there are changes going on in my life. The freedom to think creatively, to be inspired by car culture, to observe and bath in it's faded edges and solid core, has become secondary. I'm in for a reality check, it's already begun and I really don't like it. Some say it's a part of life, others a zombification or being an adult. I'm really not enjoying even the toes I have dipped into this pool of age come responsibility. I am trying my very best, and although it's been a short period, my perspectives have shifted greatly, for the people that manage to make this work, not only with a smile on their faces, but an active participation in their hobbies beyond acquiring, managing and delegating income and general life duties. A new found respect for those able to get done what needs to be done, and yet still be able to keep up with the rest of life, the free spirited side of it all. I've been or still am close to quitting whatever it is that needs to be quit, but I must fortify my new notions of respect for the working class. I myself have to quit cars in a hands on manner for a while. Grease will only bring me debt at this point in life. With my current time restraints, and my highly distracted mind, and living situation the blog is on a hiatus. It's not something that wasn't obvious already, but I just needed to write it down. There are plans in the works to expand, and changes in the direction of Speed Hero are in order, it's fun to be casual to express ideas and thoughts about the topic dearest to me, but when will I learn my time and knowledge need to some how support me? I struggle with that idea, and may never come to grasp it.

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