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We love collaborating with like minded individuals and teams. When Shadynasty and Speedhero sat down, aside form destroying a laptop (hot chocolate is a  killer) they got to talking and decided creating designs and helping one another was a great idea.

Together we will be launching some awesome deisgns with the Shadynasty team and  stay tuned for special one off's, FinalBout Exclusives, and other dreams waiting to come true!

This natural partnership is just starting to roll. 

Hit us up with comments or suggestions of what you would like to see the two create together!


Product launches March 24, 2018 at 8pm Pacific !



ShaDynasty, SpeedHero

Photo Credit to Lapinski and the guys and gals at LifeBlasters
Instagram ericdelaney, peter_laps, lifeblasters

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