Scrap Skunkworks

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Yes, there is a skunkworks division at Adrenaline Motorsports. Much like the Zeeboo was an experiment with driveline conversion, the MAsixty-fun pictured is a bit of an experiement as well. Not a pretty site eh? Rusty and beat up. But sometimes looks, books, covers and strawberries, may look old and shriveled, but inside is delicious sweetness. Pucker your mouth! The skunkworks Uzi. Brrraaappppppp Brap!! Edit: for those of you out of the 'know' that's a 1996 Lexus SC400 1uzfe 4.0L Dohc all aluminum V8. So much to pronounce with puckered lips.


  • Running alot better, ask Andrew!

    Zeeboo = ZeeCube!

    discoquinn on

  • Where is the Zeeboo headed?
    And how does the MAsixty run now?

    supralordass on

  • Uhh I love this car so much. v8 v8 v8 v8!

    Trade for an IS300? hah.

    andrewdk on

  • Yeah, the 2JZGTE MAF did the trick to get it running right again, and now I’m just counting the days until I have time to swap it all into a clean, rust free chassis that’s sitting here……

    I think we can talk about that Andrew. If you promise not to crash the IS again.

    SupraDoc on

  • pulls pretty hard, I was impressed. Can’t wait to see/drive it when its running 100%

    andrewdk on

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