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Phantoms of the night

Some people are smart enough to know that Phantom Grills are a passion of mine. I Fucking love them. Headlights are often a sore point in a designers vision of a vehicle. Though in many cases that add character, and personify the visual of a vehicle, the identification of a face from eyes can sometimes pull the appeal away from driving a 'machine'. I've loved Phantom grills for longer than I can remember. I used to dream of mini trucks driving around with fancy headlights hidden away by little chrome slats. Eventually the love flourished enough courage to build my own version.  I used two Corolla grills to make this one on my own car one day. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to stumble across this VW golf Phantom grill made by Orciari!



  • Vee

    Where can I get this grille for a mk1???

  • Colbskee

    Fack i want that golf grill!

  • Sensimasa

    That orciari-grill is the coolest shizz ive seen for a while!

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