Peter Ugly Pan and His Brush with Curb

Things at the shop are often fun, with rivets and a drill begin silliness and in this case ugliness. "Wanna make a roll pan today?" I messaged Andrew, "Hells yes" he responded. GRILLZZZZZ Here's what we started out with. '84 Cressida, rotten as fawk and missing a bumper. SeatBelts please! Ugly Rust! After some hammering and cutting we had cleaned the area to install the ugly pan. Thanks to me for the horrible ideas, and thanks to Andrew for not questioning them. Hammereererededed Cutting, drilling and rivoting began. Fridge doors are useful metal, save your old fridge skins!!!!! Slice and Dice As you can tell by my face, it started out ugly.... EWWWWWWWWWWWWW ....and continued to get ugly. oh GOD! Well fuck it, it's on there, it's painted, let's go test this shit. Rollllll out! And test we did! rubbbbbbbbbbb Roll baby rolllllll Andam! Crunk n stuff Powwwaaaa Andrew is a wicked photographer, just check this shit out! Entry Sliding o the way in bitches Apex I missed the apex. boo Exit Sliddddooooo Pretty much the best Sunday. Ballin as fawk

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  • “We should make a tranny controller for ya. So you can manually keep it in whatever gear you want.”

    That would be called a 5 speed. Easy swap.

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