More Goats, the same mountains.

An acquaintance of mine recently gave me a jeering cheer for his new winter beater; An Eagle Summit. Now some of you with functional anus's may be clenching them, forcing the exit into your throat, others have run for their 'plugs'. But don't get into a messy huff yet. The Eagle brand was complete shit, rebadged mashup of bottom of the barrel Mitsubishis' and Chryslers. However, the summit is pretty darn bad ass, unlike, oh it hurts to say...Eagle Vision, an ironic name at best. However, over the sea, was a pretty badass version of the Summit. The Mitsubishi RVR, which was basically a UUV (Urban Utility Vehicle) but with the drive train of a Galant VR4. That's right, you have no idea what a Galant VR4 is because you don't know your shit. Fine, it's similar to an EVO. 240hp awd little tall van fucker. Pretty sweet. What's also sweet? Some of the rad 'tall wagons' the guys over at OMG Pancakes found..... Also, off topic, I wonder how few of you click the links put into posts like these. See that text, it's a link, click it retards! Previous Goat Posts. #1 #2 Since you probably don't follow EVERY post, like you should.

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