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Fuck the Smart Car. I've owned one, I should know. What happened to you Japan? Not many people realize that as Japanese Manufacturers got their starts in building cars, that the US market got to share in these break through models. Toyota, Honda and Su-bar-ru all sold afford, high mileage mini cars. Pictured above is the Subaru 360, a classic micro car, and the 360 is accurate too, well for japan, in the US there was a 423cc motor.

Honda faired pretty well with their N600 and Z600. Both sold decently, and both got pretty decent fuel economy.


  • u buy honda me ruv u rong time ya!

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  • Thanks Steven!

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  • The Subaru 360 was a 356cc car, both in Japan and the USA., not 423cc. If you found that info on wikipedia at, be aware that the Subaru 360 was not sold in the USA until 1968, despite what the wikipedia article says. The 423cc engine went into the “Subaru 450” or “Maia”, sold in Australia.

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