Inspiration 3: more trucking

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I'm a massive truck/ute/camino conversion lover. Something about the class and practicality of a car and a truck mashed into one, especially with the performance of a race car is *shudders with pleasure* amazing. dsc_0205 This is a few random photos of a truck I've collected and been trying to find information on. Sadly I don't know who's it is or where it is now. All I know is it's not dead and still in use. caminolevin1 Above is a snap from it's Video Option coverage, but I can't seem to find information or the clip itself. It is it's most obvious and to me, best paint scheme as the bits of information I've found over the years shows it's changes and variations including paint. The picture at the top is the most 'recent' of it from an ae86 meet. itakurachoptop This small pic looks to be a clip again of the car, and the only video I can find of it is this same 'period' for the car. Seen here! Would love to know more about the car and the owner!


  • holy levin truck batman!! that looks so damn awesome!

    Kurtzzzz on

  • HDO which you can see on both clear pics stands for “Hydraulic Drift Oldies” a group based out of Hiroshima which would also explain the sticker on the front.

    Keep searching.

    zombievrobot on

  • […] the famous HDO AE86 levin truck, previously seen here […]

    Hiroshima Speedway Circuit « Speed Hero on

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