I love you Peggy!

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I have happily and excitedly watched this blog grow over the past few months and wanted to thank the small but growing team of contributors for their creativity and work. Thanks again Quinn, Aaron, Andrew and Robbie to name a few. I'd like to thank our readers for helping this small blog start growing at an almost staggering speed. If you like what were doing let us know, if you want us to shut up let us know, we love hearing from everybody...almost everybody. Lastly I'd like to thank the communities of drifters, tuners, racers of varying types and crazy backyard builders that give us such interesting things to discuss and obsess over. We look forward to bringing radicalness back to the internets. Read, comment, read again. One last thanks to the bloggess for the hilarious pic, I'm not sure the original source so she gets the recognition

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  • Your welcome man slave. ALL HAIL CROMBUS AND THE HALF MOON CALLED EARTH long live the rainbow unicorns with wheels for feet called drifters.

    discoquinn on

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