How to piss off a Pinoy.

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I'm sorry Mike. I had no idea you were going to look at the car! Yesterday was a long day. We started out rushing to Toronto to go see a 1983 Toyota Corolla. Upon arrival our Jaws dropped. Phil went in for the kill. The little car was mint, and Phil had to have it. It ran great, looked great and drove like it was new. Acquired. We then swung over to Pur Automotive to grab a customers Supra which was getting a nice light break in tune for the new 3.4L twin sequential 2JZ motor before being shipped off to Cali. That's right, they sent a Cali car to Canada to have it worked on! We hung around Pur with a few of the guys, John, Trever, Adam and Radick. Great shop, friendly guys and some really talented work! Employee cars are always my favorite as they often have the most heart and soul. After a long stay and some phone tag we were headed home with the Supra on the trailer and me putting along behind.....and putt it did. Cruising the 401 and suddenly the engine dies! We roll off the highway, one of the MANY illegal lane changes of the day. Managed to limp the car to a gas station and get under the hood. I had parked beside the trailer near the pumps. On the trailer is a 1/4 million dollar 1200hp show Supra, no biggy right? It sure wasn't. A man at the pumps leaned around the pump "what year is that?" he yelped. "1995" was returned, but he wasn't interested "no the other one". He was interested in the Corolla! We had a brief chat before finding the clogged fuel filter. The Corolla had sat in storage for 7 years and the fuel line had become clogged with debris. A short jog to Canadian tire for a new fuel filter and 20 feet of clear rubber hose and we were on our way home again. In the rain, windows down with a fuel line running up the side of the body and into the engine bay! So much confusion on the highway....It is impossible to see behind a 1983 Corolla in the middle of suddenly stopping massive amount of traffic on an 8 lane highway, during a torrential downpour with the windows open and trying to see through the fog, rain and window misty to check if the signal light of a truck a few hundred feet behind you is tying to turn. A transport truck and a Sienna were not to happy with my driving at that point and warned me with horns. After multiple stops for urination, ingestion and general construction avoidance, we got home around 1:30am. Now comes the 5 speed swap.....


  • This one is too clean to drift! Plus it cost money, no freeness on this.

    discoquinn on

  • Great score. I’m not sure how I ended up in a rusty Corolla in B.C. and you ended up in a practically rust free Ontario car.


    zombievrobot on

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  • haha.. it’s all good Quinn. i wanna see this baby done right! oh, i still have your decals..

    haha.. it’s all good Quinn. i wanna see this baby done right! oh, i still have your decals..-mike

    micro214_kp61 on

  • Great story. Where’s the pics of the ’Rolla??? lol.

    The VidKid on

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