Day in the life pt.3

wolfy Just another set of random photos before I clear the camera. Above a poorly airbrushed wolf on the back of a rusty suburban. P1010353 A random showing of vintage cars out front of Canadian tire. Turns out there was a vintage auction coming up soon. The security guard was a complete dink. "If you ask me, a car is just a car, once you've seen one....". I was tempted to deck him as he climbed back into dodge caravan hugging his Tim Hortons coffee like a life line. P1010354 Nothing like a Saab Sonnet, '71 rolla and Vw thing just chillin' out many years past their expected doom. P1010365 P1010370 I liked the amount of decals he had collected. I have decal envy, so many horses died for that awesome back window. P1010485 Just keep making it longer at the back, don't really need that much weight up front. Luxury is just another half van cut away. P1010514 Hello 1985. P1010565 On our way to the scrap yard we hopped onto the highway. 15 minutes to get to the yard, drop the car off before they close then go pick up the another ae86 AND a free cressida. We rolled up the on-ramp and merged right in front of an MTO car. He pulled us over, made us find a road off the highway, and proceeded to check our trailer and truck for 45 minutes. Brakes, lights, tire pressures, wiring, ball joints, straps, chains, EVERYTHING. He found nothing wrong with the load, or the truck pulling it, but still gave us a $165 ticket for having some loose rust and bolts on the trailer. Screwed the whole weekend up and cost us money. Then we went to start the truck, phil had left the lights on during the inspection and had killed the battery. "try holding the key on" He asked, then when we asked for a boost "no, it might blow my car up", his advice to us was "try standing by the road waving your cables." Then quickly took off. What a uneducated douche. P1010572 I joined Phil at the road, he was spending some time blowing off steam more than focusing on the fact he looked silly. P1010574 This dude was nice enough to stop and give us a hand. +1 suprarockige Figured I'd end this with a nice snap of a completed JZA80 LEH hard top TT 6-speed Phil restored from scratch.

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