Day in the life part 3.

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There will be many of these posts. Get used to it. lame 010 lame 030 "no I don't!" "LAWL yes you do." lame 006 All wrapped up and ready to go to Joes. A big step in the right direction? I'd like to do Left's as well. lame 017 Only in Canada will you find a GTR parked beside a lifted ford Ranger in a muddy parking lot. 4wd meeting perhaps? lame 014 More JDM trucking, a b2600 with a Mazda MPV Japanese spec motor swap....durrr? lame 018 The shop is a bit of a Mazda Nissan early 90's Mix. I'm sure more than one of these cars had Vanilla Ice bumpin' and the drivers would've scoffed at the 5-0 lyric. lame 023 lame 024 No no, that's an SA, not an FB. Props to who can name the exact model of car that dust written first image is. lame 019 Mark's got some Cool shit going on as well, from this Turfity vert... lame 021 the fit of these 18's on his GTS-T Sedan. lame 022 Joe's got him beat with this Veilside Widebody FD build up though. :) lame 028 60 minutes style shot of the Kathoey lover himself. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


  • Bang on!!! Thus props.

    discoquinn on

  • I’m gona say mazda 323 gtx.
    looks like the right headlights

    Paulcorolla on

  • duh its a Mazda 323 GTX AWD :P

    James on

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