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dump 030 So here's another installment of the obscure life I live. I'm sorry if it offends you. dump 005 ZZ top inspired van, right around the corner from my work! dump 003 Badass van! for picking up cougars in. dump 032 If you see this poking up in front of you, it's a good omen. Blessed are the westfalias. dump 006 Phil needed some parts of the sacrificial hardtop. All yee who buzz and fly in his path shall parish in flames. dump 007 Random Snap, I really enjoy my job at times. :) dump 011 Junkyard guys rock in style. Everyone knows they get pick of the litter. dump 012 Example B. of the above statement. Gangsters run two different tire sizes, gangsters do, that's who. dump 013 Hunting at the junkyard is fun. This Celica GTS (half-trac conversion) had a bunch of awesome stuff on it, such as the 3SFTE? or is it a G head? can't tell, and... dump 014 All trac hood, (the vents were there when I got to the yard, someone scooped them when I was walking around! Blarghk! and... dump 016 JDM clear corner lights! Why wouldn't you take this stuff off before scrapping the car?!?!?! dump 015 This picture is for Tim and his AW11 customer. Perfectly good redtop 4age from an ae92 GT-S dump 017 The rear axle design on this AWD Caravan (nice factory lip!!!) is strange. It's a solid beam FWD style axle, but it has a differential bolted to the frame with half shafts running to the axle.....wat. dump 018 Ugh I want one of these bumpers for my project, or a tacoma bumper, but they wanted tooo much for it. Anyone got one? contact me! dump 019 lol APC..... dump 024 WHY WOULD YOU SCRAP THIS?w?!??!@1?@123123DSAADS Look close at the picture, very rare car. dump 027 Such nice shape!!! dump 028 Again, Why scrap this!?!?!??!?!?! dump 031 To end the post, a shot of a car that didn't get scrapped! :D

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  • My neighbour has a Ford truck just like that one, and I just recently sold my ’78 :(

    S12 is worth it though

    • Dan Wardle
  • The ford only looked like it was bow-ing a little bit to be honest!

    I thought the Black van was from the JPN trip, and my Cressy rides just like Example B!

    • SupraLordass
  • more junkyard blogs…I love it!

    • dug
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