Baby Zee

My love for African car culture continues to grow. Just a small tidbit, but apparently South Africa specifically received the 140z and 160z! Based on the Datsun Sunny, these were the affordable African alternative to the famous 240z. Featuring L14 and L16 motors and some interesting alternate styling. It's so obscure there apparently isn't even a wiki page for them. Go figure, thanks to this Random CarDomain page.

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  • ^^ yeah, they’re not based off the sunny, they ARE sunny’s…. B210’s are hot……. in the states they had A-series engines.

    • yeaaaahh
  • Stateside it was known the B-210 GX or the 120Y and sometimes even the “Honeybee”
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Speedhero doesn’t know dick about cars”

    • z!VoLvoEmfmg