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Where can you go from the fast paced city, to sandy beaches, to tropic rain forest, to a quaint country town, all in under 2 hours drive? Welcome to Australia. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="533" caption="Stopped half way on the infamous Springbrook touge."]Stopped half way on the infamous Springbrook touge.[/caption] The Queensland AE86DC members decided to go for a nice drive, from South-East Queensland to Northern New South Wales for a friendly Lunch and chat. Ae86's aren't suited for highway driving, so the only other way to get across the boarder is by driving the Kilometers and Kilometers of twisting mountain roads of the Mcpherson Range. Its getting late, so I'll just leave a teaser for now, To be continued...!


  • Tease nothing. TAKE IT OFF!

    zombievrobot on

  • Tease this! Looking forward to the rest!

    discoquinn on

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